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Terra Infirma:
Berning Questions

The sheer tonnage of talk about the Sanders campaign qua extra-terrestrial phenomenon is so tsunami-like I wonder if there’s anything left to say. Not that all the questions raised by that literary inundation have been settled—far from it.

Sharks on the Riverbank:
A Jersey Shore Town, its White Supremacist Past, and its Supremely White Present

As the seagull flies, Wall Township, New Jersey is about thirty-five miles south of Manhattan. It sits in the southeast corner of Monmouth, the northernmost county on the Jersey Shore.

South Africa: The State of the Movement

South Africa is the world’s most unequal society, if the measurement used is the Gini co-efficient. Its economy is also the biggest in Africa barring Nigeria’s. It arguably has the most advanced financial, industrial, and commercial sectors on the continent.

Unity in Action in South African Universities

Starting in October, 2015, a national uprising traversed the South African system of higher education. The biggest student uprising since the formal end of the apartheid regime in 1994, it brought up images of the 1976 Soweto riots and occupied the attention of the country.


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