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The Work of Reworking

To understand Pam Tanowitz’s style, it seems fitting to start where she ends. As her two-part piece the story progresses as if in a dream of glittering surfaces comes to a close, Tanowitz’s dancers show no signs of slowing down.


In the current age of digital proliferation, it is no secret how little we, as humans in the developed world, have to do in order to carry out a task. Be it ordering food, uploading a photo, tracking a package, or hashtagging our thoughts, daily efforts do not require a large amount of emotional investment or precious attachment.

Ruffling Feathers

It takes a classic ballet with good bones, like Swan Lake, to withstand centuries of interpretations. Tchaikovsky’s timeless score is often the binding agent among variations, and the key dances by Petipa/Ivanov—the pas de deux, the quartet—often remain intact.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2016

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