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Letter From Queens:
Reflections on a Homegrown Disruption

Two women on the street in Astoria at 6:30 in the morning: “What did Obama ever do for me?” “What did her husband, the first one, ever do for me?” “And she’s a lunatic.” I come back with coffee and the super looks up from collecting leaves, gives me a fist raised in victory, and exclaims something I pretend not to hear. His wife shakes her head at him.

In Dialogue

From Great Lakes to Porto
KATE BENSON with Ariel Stess

Kate Benson’s Obie Award-winning play, A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes, was produced by New Georges in 2015 and directed by Lee Sunday Evans. Benson’s next play, Porto, which will run at The Bushwick Starr January 10 through February 4, will again be directed by Evans. Benson is also most likely performing in Porto.

Manifesting Destiny
Playwrights Traverse the Theater and TV Divide

Making a life in the theater often feels to me like putting together a massive, illogical puzzle. The pieces shift in front of your eyes as you lay them down, and the whole enterprise might be easily enough upended by a slobbering toddler, or just as likely to be left half-finished and moldering in a house upstate.

Playwright, Citizen, Educator
Lucy Thurber at The New School

There are few people in the world with whom I would rather spend a Saturday afternoon than Lucy Thurber. She arrived at New Dramatists, an artistic home and laboratory for playwrights where Lucy was in-residence from 2005 – 12, eager to talk about her new appointment as the head of the graduate playwriting division at the New School.

Breaking the Theatrical Fundraising Mold
Lesser America Launches The Dare Fund

Making art happen in NYC is a dare unto itself, with hundreds of professional artists, and arts nonprofits competing for the same small pool of funding and resources. Lesser America co-founder and Dare Fund creator Laura Ramadei came up with this fundraising idea years ago as an antidote to the vicious arts funding cycle.

Exponentially Inclusive: Brooklyn’s January Performance Festival

January in New York is Mardi Gras for contemporary performing arts. For three weeks we battle the viruses we caught over the holidays and face the harsh winter cold to take in as much performance as our wallets can handle.

In Mariah MacCarthy’s World, “Weirdos” Take the Lead

These were women who weren’t close to my age, and I think they didn’t have a choice in the matter. And my adoption was very much a choice. They were really angry with me that I was presenting my experience with a sense of humor. Even though it’s very, very clear in the clips that I was devastated by it.


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