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See you soon America


See you soon America



Labors breath not left
last walk on the moon
not Mars
not nothing
not painting the sky
nothing to Straw out a drink
Since the Cotton Bail

20th to last berth
top as the boat list
Silver or sugar of lead
Light simple fresh
Emurserate the pennies of migrants
Dutch oven cooking nothing now
we are that last
thoughts to spend
messaging insane stack out
the purpose one's made

Miles of conveyer feed

back of bus stuck last steam
Even without the bosons trouble

Dropping retinas base
The rabbi’s letter to Shiva
as the engine grows cold
Seven more strokes
Every one starts to buy bikini insurance
Water on every state room floor
No one wants to spend
Pocket burst
Last ticket
Last steam

All Aboard

Catfish kick back sharks stalk the bottom
starve collecting metal plastic and the droppings of progress

Shark attacks kickbacks catfish catch the bottom
grow large collecting metal plastic droppings of progress

Heaven feet for 7 knows
Flat seas
better craftsmen breathe

Flat song
Flat song

Flat song of us last steam

Fare for free social is all
Security it seems
National debt not set
Paddle Wheels
worlds begging for water

D VIL can't kill G  D
Nor would nature wish it did
No patent on life
Every slow beat and love letter comes from this delta reach
Choke or no choke
engine breathe last steam
Power fail
No choke
Market bare
Full choke
Peace full here
Don’t choke
Project stairs
No choke
Every where
no choke

Who said breathe America
Un trained grey hound
run back rabbit dam closed
Left alone
at the drain hole
past the spill way
Half the contract signed
Other half at the stop gate

That last fu cka le  f ce
That last f ckable fa e

Played birth to burn and oh that nuclear fury

under desk top slab sigh cover eye

Harbinger hitch connects the bow to stern
backwards ass grab
Tickled friends the only ones that laugh

Quiet cry on tenement
roof a last only protection from the rain
Power push stolen from the street lamp

Dinner cooked on begged time
just one more hour to digest

I'm hungry the youngest howls

Tired fight another time Middle girl squeals

the oldest cries wants memories to return

Penny's back
begs for the poor
the more we stock
fighting bear
in settled bull

Rain wash the compound from our deck
Bows man hitch
Buried sleep

All aboard
All aboard

Last steam

Motor steady getting ready to slip

Last steam ship

Not our vote
counteract seconds left behind
free for now
Far less coal burn water breath
Last Steam ship

All aboard
All aboard

Sunday cycle
home cold of conversation

But the engine still burns
Buried in thoughts of return

Puddles on stateroom floors
Carpets in the galley wet
Last address
The bands last note
Unsettled left
waitress free dessert

Cooked deep in the fat of pertrloemn
Choking deep in the flats of the desert
Muh mad
Trouble breathing Sky on the mountain
Bu dha
Restricted air way in in the garden
Je us

And the
not to breathe

Nor a breath to catch
Sh va

rest ancients Here swallowing water
Moi han

last steam ship freedom

All aboard

reprieve and last repent
Not to quit
Last steam ship

All aboard


All aboard


All aboard America
       - 2016


Ben Keating

BENJAMIN KEATING: Born Brooklyn NY - Works Brooklyn/Jersey City.


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NOV 2016

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