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In Conversation

LOUIS HENDERSON with Leo Goldsmith

Working alternately with appropriated images, artifacts, interfaces, and observational visual ethnography, the films of Louis Henderson examine linkages between media technologies and modes of political resistance, the conjoined histories of capitalism and colonialism, and temporality and landscape.

Spectacle’s Trailers

Contingent upon calendar time, previews announce and then are tossed away. The trailers of Williamsburg’s Spectacle Theater principally do what other trailers do: they give a sneak peek of what’s coming next.

At the Harun Farocki Institut

Film exhibition and spectatorship are reimagined inside the gallery space; found-footage works are produced without an artist ever picking up a camera; distinctions based on medium-specificity are constantly troubled and blurred; fine art, advertising, and technical videos are subsumed under the heterogeneous designation of “moving images”—critical examination of the above developments, recurring topics in any discussion of contemporary media, rarely exist independent of Harun Farocki, whose legacy as an artist and a lucid critic of visual culture—before such a term entered common parlance—seems to deepen with each year.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2016

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