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Shall We Cut The Cake


Tuesdays 8.45 they do the kill list that’s men with short haircuts fan out a pack of cards (think baseball) each card (no shuffling) a guy they’d like to kill they don’t say kill they say target they don’t call him imperator though he flashes the same thumb up/ thumb down sign after each card as a certain sublime and sovereign Holy Roman toastmaster did centuries ago and (come to think of it) guys reviewing movies on TV — the thumb thing — so we’re all on HBO? old idea why does it keep standing there like a blind butler or as Aissa said (with her family blown to bits in an inexact drone strike and her grandmother’s hand melted onto the wedding cake while the arms lay out in the street so she had to gather them one by one) I wanted to make it look real.



Anne Carson

ANNE CARSON is a poet, essayist, translator, and professor of Classics.


APR 2016

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