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i. Preface, Part I of Love, Delight, and Alarm


Along a plane I wanted to write it:
Where one end is fixed, a loose sun

To the excess of dark I was certain
That certainty’s a kind of excess

A term that’s but a navigating bust
A place to version a limit, feet in foot

When the lute’s sum turns daily
As if by steam one could coordinate

The tulips, too numerous to pinch
By steam the autography of material

Will appear to light the vapor region
So we can know it as if by touch

A nude thing, the masses say
As they re-substantiate again



Excerpt: Or, The Ambiguities (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015)



Karen Weiser

KAREN WEISER is the author of To Light Out (UDP), Dear Pierre (Well Greased Press), Placefullness (UDP), and Pitching Woo (Cy Press). She was recently awarded a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation residency, a Process Space residency through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and a New York Foundation of the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. She is currently working on the libretto for an opera («You Who Made the Heavens Incline») about one of the first great composers, Kassia, a 9th-century Byzantine nun, in addition to writing a young adult fantasy novel. She lives in New York City where she teaches and writes on 19th-century American Literature.


APR 2016

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