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The Dammed

In 2009, the odds that a major flood would hit the Green River valley of western Washington, inundating the city centers of Kent and Auburn and parts of Renton, Tukwila, and Pacific, along with thousands of acres of farms, industrial parks, factories, shopping malls, schools, and homes, were one in three, roughly equivalent to the frequency that favorites win at Emerald Downs.

Lawyer in Heaven

Legend has it that in the past the Lord would never look very kindly upon lawyers because whenever a lawyer appeared at Heaven’s doors, his passport was seldom if ever in proper order.

Ghostwriter—Crown Jewel of La Autora

When the day of the launch arrived, she’d already forgotten all the trouble surrounding her novel. It was time now to celebrate. The rest was behind her. This included one small detail (well, not so small to some): the book that bore her name on its cover was not, in fact, the product of her pen.


This is how the mind degenerates … How the world reverts to simpler forms. Somewhere, close behind me, is the echo of a woman’s voice … I dismantle each word as it reaches me, patterning syllables into curves of miscellaneous gradients along the walls of my asylum.

from études

Friederike Mayröcker’s work has been to live and to write, continually and daringly exploding the limitations of language. Her collection études, published in 2013 by Suhrkamp, is a poem arranged by date, spanning 14.3.11 (or 3/14/11) to 16.12.12 (or 12/16/12).

Three Stories

They seem quirky and wonderful. They write books or want to write books that, for instance, might endear you to those strangers sitting around & nearby in a local coffee shop.

from Kid Coole

“They all want to become champion. But reality sets in and then you start to become an opponent. And then after you become an opponent, you become a sparring partner.”

The Place of Storms

from the collection The Sleep of the Righteous out now from Two Lines Press We could claim but a small part of the street: our street, as we called it, stretched townward to the point where the pavement began—uneven and jolting, made of square granite cobbles—and out the other way to the railroad crossing, where the town, at least its inhabited part, really had already ended.

Two from the memoir Shader

out next month from 99: The Press My LSD debut was an overplanned group affair. Twenty of us on the east side of Point Street planned to drop at the same time. We lined up several trip-friendly activities: places to visit, people to visit, music to play, things to freak out over.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages.


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