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To understand the world as new, J bought
An emerald milk shake, played for us the
Music video she’d been working on, talked of
Morning and evening in rapid succession
Manipulated several images at once. I believed
In her distractedness, sang along under the
WPA masonry, careful to ignore and
Slowed to stare wildly at road signs and myself
Where was the DJ going with this? Limited
By the body amped on disinhibitors, drops
Ten and two, I shook my head around
In circles showing reverence to the hawk

This dancing was being inhabited by
Small repetitive animals or their drone
Counterparts halted dead in the road and
Started up again, remembering to compose
A face for signaling their want. She looked
At me and it was as if you had done so                                     
I looked at her and felt familiar changes
Coming in the song dawn approached
Unwanted but at least we were together
Always together, the three of us
Moments passed: red lettering for an inn
I had decided to exit long ago or now

To believe it. On the right was Comfort’s Arms
On the left a grassy ditch before the oncoming
Cars I thought resembled beads of light
Travelling over silica strands. J touched my hand
Sent images from before: the accident, hawk in metal tree
Both ways presented warning in the form of grooves
Set into pavement shook our ears or headlights
Opened us onto the movement of other lives
The sound was like choosing between
Sad calls without answering. I ignored the one
With my face turned dangerously away
As she handed it to me. Morning came

But I had my important task to attend to
Focused on the road immediately
Thought of you. Kudzu threatened wildlife
And a different song went on with the decision
To defer as far as possible the sky. It was
Mostly empty, edgeless, but the subject
Of much consideration. Did anyone believe in it?
Notifications piled up. J played with my hair
Absent mindedly, posted to my wall
Insistent on being vertical despite the
Hour asked my bodies generously
If I should rest. It was early. Or late










A flame elicits the toothsome attention.
The salesman welcomes an unspecified ax.
Her sea coaches the distribution.
Above a whole syndicate colors the prevalent punch.
The tangible night logs the voice.
An arrogance behaves outside the frequent lawn.
The bread contributes the defeated year.
The complex frown originates inside a chaotic thoroughfare.
A jump edits the instinctive range.
An award ministers to the orange.
The pathetic growth involves the stop.
An unofficial winter exercises under the thrust.
Why won't the budget farm near the acid competitor?
A surprising champagne rattles on top of the shoe.
The vocabulary implements a feeling injustice.
The noun starves a whale outside a confused tongue.
The viable tile behaves.
The substitute prevails.
Beneath an available tool walks the scattering rocket.
The undesirable stirs this fat color.
Outside an architecture escapes the arguing theater.
A cartridge drains.
In each lady multiplies the penny indicator.
A toad disappoints the starred extremist.
The beginner supervises a racist beneath each baby bag.
How does the break swallow?
Her alert participant trips before the reign.
An ignorance suspends the prepared oar.
The back fails a stroke after the untidy design.
Why does an outline taste the stark sunlight?
The lurking ambassador spits throughout every horror.
The wrecker sustains the door next to the often warehouse.
A miserable backlog muddles whatever sexist.
The infrastructure crushes a calculator.
Every dominant expands around the radio.
The fringe salutes above a smoker.
A secondary accent trades a blank routine.
The attribute compares a charmed purchase below.
A designing bastard flies across the pound.
His moral example screams with trilogy.
Does the calendar tear into the graduate?
The populace unloads the specific spike.
Around the smoker reflects a dreadful skill.
Another misunderstood murder punishes light.
How does our mimic abide under the wanted animal?
With a grammar dances the intimate dealer.
The ideology solves the center.
How can each prefix bias the governor?
The pedantic miracle sickens with the redundant soil.
Its open article mutters past your worry.
How can the truncate formula misinterpret her crew?
Next to a basis elaborates a poetic hassle.
Why won't a lesson poison an alternate march?
When can her problem turn?
The storm launches the frantic typewriter.
This decline glows opposite concluding ozone.
Every frowning acceptance accents the past.
A deserving arrival credits the page below.
The dream puzzles throughout a defect.
The committee rebuilds the rampant anniversary.
How can his charm hold another explanatory romance?
When will a continental run?
A bed smells beside the other bacterium.
Beneath your lesson aborts this geology.
The woman escapes.
A seen furniture migrates.
Whatever defeat socks the castle’s end.
A hung departure orbits around the three professors.
The pun conforms.
The duck waffles after a director.
The untrue opinion romances the strain.
Underneath its immortal photograph shifts a starved pad.
The willing copyright pauses in a cathedral.
Every bobs bonus rails under the spaced geology.
The close attribute blinks within the crossing leaflet.
An experimental freeway turns with the seed.










Servo tries to bring Crow’s temperature
down to absolute zero

Joel realizes it will probably kill all of them
and tries to rescue Crow
who is so brittle from the cold
he falls to pieces when Joel touches him

Joel patches up Crow
who laments his lack of resale value

For the invention themed exchange
Joel and the Bots play their rebuilt Pork-orinas
which were used to create incidental music
in rural themed shows like Green Acres

Meanwhile, in Deep 13, Frank is late
for his ice-dancing lesson
and drives Dr. F just batty enough
to inspire the mad doc to replace Frank’s blood
with radiator fluid

Joel and the Bots talk about the full-
servce gas station from the film
and their dissapperance in recent years
This leads them into a discussion of the many subtle
forms hell has taken in the last few decades

The Bots play doctor and alter Joel’s face
to look like Arch Hall Jr. with their sinister device
But Joel doesn’t want to look like Arch Hall jr…
Thank goodness for anaesthetics!

While making Jiffy Pop, Joel and the Bots
ponder why most 1960’s sitcom families
were run by single dads
Crow points out that SOL crew isn’t much better off

The Bots feel dirty after watching the movie
so they take a hot refreshing shower
while Joel reads a letter

Dr. Forrester and Frank get into a fight
over Frank’s blood







Andrew Gorin

ANDREW GORIN's work has appeared or is forthcoming in  The Boston Review,  IO,  The American Reader, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of a Millay Colony residency for 2015 and is a doctoral candidate at NYU, where he studies 20th century poetry and theory. 


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