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Neskayo tlajtoltij

Tetlamanal tlajtol,
peualistli itech tepamimej,
satekitl yauejkika
kemi i machioyo texkali


ejekatemej tlen uetsij itech tepetl.





Stele of voices

Monument of word
genesis in the walls
so ancient
as a volute of rock

storm of pebbles falling from the mountain.






Tlakamej inon katej itech tleokoyal tepetl 
moxijxipetsouaj ixpan tlikuil tlamatilistli 
                   kikajkauaj ijtik tlapoyaual, tlachiualtij 
                                      nekaj se ixtololotl tentok ika ajsikamachilistli


Sejsenmej, itech ijtotilistli kiuiteki inakayo itech yolotlal,
kitlajtlanilia tototl i ajasuan tlapotiuij,
                    kineki i ixtololouan tlilikej mapachin


Kemantis tietoskej itlachialistli nahual 
tlen majkoktinemi ik uarrankaj 
                    iuan tikpiluaskej tleoli ijtik tokamak
pampa sektlakentis itech tliko tlikuisalotl.






In memory of Enedina Piña Cogco, who told me the stories of my father´s village.

Men from the taciturn hill
undress in front of a wisdom fire
                    lose their shapes in the dark
                                       of a new vision full of habit

in the dark    each one dances    their bodies close to the heart of the land,
asking for the unfolded wings of birds,
                    wishing the dark eyes of a raccoon

Some day we will be the sight of nahual
who overflies the ravine
                    we´ll give birth corn through our mouths
to cover it up in the crackle of the wood stove.



Nahuatl translations: Sixto Cabrera González
English proofreading and translation: Mariluz Suáre.









Stamps: Daniel Vergara, Gilberto Delgado García, Andrés de la Torre.






Itekuh Mikkeh! 
Iaxka tlen amo kemanian oyahkeh: 
xiktekawilli tlen inin ahwiak 
iwan inin kuikalmeh 
maahsikah kanin tika, 
ompa Kanin Neiyanelistli. 

itech moneiyaneyawal, 
tikpitza motekusis. 

Ompa Miktlan! 
Ompa tiawih! 






Lord of the dead!
Father of those who have never left!
Permit that this incense and chants
reach the place where you dwell:
The Mystery Region.

Spinning around the mystic circle,
we play your seashell.

To Mictlan!
There we go!





New nahuatl version of INVOCATION
Tìtulo: Nochilistli
Autor: Oswaldo Flavio Gálvez Castillo 

The poems and tales are part of Nawatlahtolli Anthology, published by Iguanazul Cartonera.

Editor: Judith Santopietro
Nahuatl proofreading: Colectivo Xochitlahtolli
English proofreading and translation of authors index and glosary: Mariluz Suárez 
All denominations of linguistic variants mentioned have their source in the Catalogue of the National Indigenous Languages from the Indigenous Languages Institute of Mexico.


Iguanazul logo: Daniel Vergara.



Judith Santopietro

JUDITH SANTOPIETRO (Mexico, 1983). Poet and editor. National Poetry Award “Lázara Meldiú”: Mexico, 2014. Published in Yearbook of Mexican Poetry, Ed. Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico; Anthology of the Latin American Festival of Poetry New York City, USA, 2014; World Oral Literature Project, University of Cambridge, UK, 2009; and the book of poetry Palabras de Agua, Conaculta, Ivec and Praxis, Mexico, 2010. Santopietro recently spent two months in New York developing the cardboard publishing house Iguanazul, a project to revitalize indigenous languages among immigrant communities from Mexico.


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