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Field Notes

From the Editor: Field Notes

The Rail has something to contribute to creating the conditions for coherent thinking about what’s happening to us. FIELD NOTES intends to gather information about life in our age of austerity, and to think about it as clearly as possible.

Healthcare in an Age of Austerity

Since its formation last year, the Florence Johnston Collective (a small organizing collective, many of whose members live in Brooklyn) has focused on struggles around what we call “social reproduction”—the work required for human bodies to keep on working, living, and loving.

Who controls the budget, controls culture

While Poland was preparing to host the 2012 U.E.F.A. European soccer championship, the world economic crisis erupted. Since that time, there has been a rapid increase in the indebtedness of Polish cities.

On the Revolts in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The perspective of yet one more nationalist clash at the gates of Europe, in Ukraine, doesn’t seem to displease the world’s masters and those who write for them.


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APR 2014

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