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So I finally caught the Maria Schneider Big Band. So? So nothing. I just wanted to make that point.

That High And Lonesome Himalayan Sound

I had hoped that during my travels in the far west of Nepal I would meet or hear minstrels, but for weeks I did not.

Jonathan Cott, Dinner With Lenny

The dinner begins in mid-afternoon, with your gregarious host pressing a glass of vodka into your hand and dropping the needle on one of his favorite records. It doesn’t end until past 2:30 a.m., with your host still flipping LPs on the turntable, “One more glass of wine,” he insists, “and then it’s a night.”

Howe Gelb: Smelling The Smoke Of A Future Fire

“I can make this bold statement now,” pronounces Howe Gelb, “because I’m well over 50 and we’re allowed to come to conclusions: music in its most pure form is in a state of evolution constantly. I believe that whatever you are doing, however you are playing, it has to keep changing. It is always on its way somewhere. Whatever the music wants from you it will apply itself through you.”

Diary Of A Mad Composer

I seethe when I hear Rand Paul or any of our professional ignoramuses explain to us how a country so rich that it can afford their sinecures cannot pay back miserly levels of support to people who have already contributed to the unemployment system.

The Medium That Brings You Something Rare

Melody Rabe, Analuz Vizarretea, and Jessica Olsen are Medium Rare, presenting music that defies genres while engages and entertains.

Inheriting the Beatles

I’d forgotten that “Hey Jude” was over seven minutes long. Seven minutes, waiting with the casket that held my mother’s body in the aisle of St. Mary’s Church in Elmira, N.Y. The same church that she’d been married in, and attended both of her parents’ funerals in.


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