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from DNA

On April 20, 2075, an e-mail message with the subject heading JFDAKLJFDA was sent to six billion computers and unleashed the GORGON worm, which became responsible for the longest continuous interruption of the global network--three days--to date. Resulting in an estimated STM55000000000000 in damages, GORGON ushered in a new age of global systems architecture and security.

Let’s Say His Name Was Daniel

Let's Say His Name Was Daniel was first published in print in Dec 2013 in Absinthe 20: Spotlight on Bosnia. Let me tell you a story about a colleague, a judge, a story about a friend, a peer, a Sarajevo Jew. You see, this fellow judge, let’s say his name was Daniel, was born to an impoverished family of former doctors and petty traders.

A diary of mysterious difficulties…

I could feel the pressure of it all falling on my neck, my back, my ribs. For the moment it was too much, and I thought about crying out. This association with our brother Francis, little by little, was crushing for me, when for her it meant little.


The violin she played had the sound of a piano. Every award he lost prompted him to make something new; every award he received put his creativity to sleep. 

from Miransù

Sometimes in the evening before falling asleep, I see my grandfather again, under a veil, before he died he would often say, what a terrible thing, he wanted to say something, but he realized that he was forgetting the words as he was pronouncing them.


The man outside Barcelona who accidentally leveled his face with the misfire of a shotgun received the first-ever full face transplant. In the picture, a throng of doctors surround him; Henry, looking lost among the lab-coat clad, wearing someone else’s expression.


“You are going fucking nuts.” The VA has taught me that “nuts” should never be applied. We’re not “nuts,” we’re heroically damaged.

In Conversation

There Are No Real Places
JESSE BALL with Rita Bullwinkel

esse Ball is a writer. He is also a fighter and a photographer though, as you’ll learn below, he lacks faith in images. He has written three prior novels, all of which leave a lingering feeling that your heart contains not four chambers, but five, and that someone, unbeknownst to you, has inserted a false memory into that previously secret fifth atrium.

X. O. Exoplanets

Sakura Maku is an artist living and working in the city.

Tom's Big Night

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages: He blogs at and

Dance Improv Duo

Clara Bessijelle is an artist living in New York. Her drawings have appeared in many publications including The Believer and the forthcoming anthology book from Chronicle 'The Who The What The When.' She is the author of the comics Face Man and The Lobster King.  Austin English is an artist living in New York.Hhe has published many books of his comics, including Christina and Charles and The Disgusting Room. He also runs the small publishing house Domino Books.


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