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Avant-Garde Folk Art

Why oh why are we interested in celebrities? As a phenomenon, celebrity takes up an ever-increasing amount of cultural real estate. It rudely elbows aside far more dignified pursuits, has failed to launch much of substance from territory already annexed, and can hardly be said to appeal to our higher instincts.

Undiscovered Lands

In this issue, we explored far and wide to bring you a group of talented artists, each with strong and unique voices, who deserve to be heard and known by larger audiences—enjoy this guide to our discoveries.

Books In Conversation

LEE KLEIN with Matthew Vollmer

Every time, I think oh boy, not because I don’t admire Lee’s work (I do) but because I have generally have enough to read as it is, but then curiosity gets the best of me and I open the document and start scrolling and find it difficult to stop. His latest book, which also seemed to come out of nowhere, arrived in the mail a couple months ago; I devoured it nearly in one sitting.

Film In Conversation

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS with David Gregory Lawson

This summer’s career retrospective of Christopher Williams at the Museum of Modern Art (through November 2) includes a marquee-ready photograph that is remarkable in its conceptual simplicity—unpretentious and tactile.

Israel Lund's Analog JPEGs

Israel Lund has always been interested in the innumerable translations images go through as they circulate through various networks, taking on diverse forms as they do so—including, but far from limited to, that of a zine, a Tumblr post, or a painting.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

How can we encourage individuals to rise above their own limitations and old habits that were dictated by their various upbringings, while working to transform the Rail into a post-Beuysian social sculpture, an artwork?

Editor's Message Guest Critic

“There Is a Certain Slant of Light”

I was asked by the Rail to provide an L.A. perspective, and in order to do that, I wanted to do something unusual. I want to take the pressure off the New York/Los Angeles split, not worrying about describing what is going on in Los Angeles for those that may not know.

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