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Highly Selective Listings

Brooklyn Rail Highly Selective Music Events

A thoughtful, discerning, and carefully compiled list of the most notable, promising and unique musical events for the month of September in New York City.

New Venues New York

In the past few years a number of new venues have popped up in and around New York, run by musicians and curators who understand the pivotal fact that it matters where and how you hear music, that spaces matter for a performing art.

Carving Coltrane’s “Crescent”

John Coltrane’s Live in Japan 4-disc set was released in 1991. Fresh out of college, I was diving with abandon into the excitement of free jazz, and the recordings from Coltrane’s 1966 Japanese tour were more of a treasure trove than I could have hoped for. Compact discs weren’t new, but they were new enough to me that the thick, plastic, double-hinged jewel box was a chest of gold.

dinMachine’s Dance to Reason

10 Listens is a music review series where Michael Durek listens to an album at least 10 times, taking notes along the way: the aim is to give a comprehensive picture of an album.

Liberation Music Orchestra and Charlie Haden’s Legacy

Charlie Haden, who passed away this year after a storied career as one of jazz’s most deeply valued bassists, titled his first recording as a bandleader Liberation Music Orchestra. The choices he made on the record were both deeply political and personally intuitive; Liberation Music Orchestra is bolted to its moment in history both as a response to the fog of war and an expression of the spontaneous self.


The newly recreated Charles Ives studio at the Academy of Arts and Letters is a must-see.


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