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from sleep as information/the fountain is a water feature



buttering bread / stovetop blue flame /
creaking floorboards / self-top flattener

scanner lifestyle /

alpha quadrant / sector banal / zoned

horizontal alignment of them / otherworldly constant —
to lavish identity into silhouetted chronology / have I


seen myself lately /
                                has my memory seen myself lately /

/ cycling


insomnia is door / brackets layered blurb / chalk
/ when I am memory







                                / when I am / other-memory

/ door / vent / electrical outlet / lamp / door / vent /

vomited upon second hand time / hand-held device
logical systems / five record(s) / felt-like ghost


/ cycling


/ cycling







a ghost of indigestion stands at the window /
a plate of peppers and tomato sauce infiltrates the air /
tomato sauce / vent / memory: command phase
/ the code is /
                  I felt like ghost / I felt like door / when I /

trite starship – two-folded
pantry / see: a memory to be
dissected /see: science fiction
/ see: poetry / see: television
/ see: stereo system / see: a
form of holographic
technology /
see: a series of vernacular scans / see:
a water fountain / see: a piece of copper

see: a foraging walk plastered on a
tabletop / papier-mâché sleep study /
papier-mâché science fiction / see:
paper sleep patterns







insomnia is tomato sauce / the great derider

fake water / ghosting information /integration of
self into analytical process / as data becoming
human-like / the loss of the ability to be remembered /
whistling facets of skin into the virtual / when backwards /
as sleep becoming data-less / as backwards calculations

when sleep as information / sleep is information


operation: non-emphatic /



command / when / result: operation







paperback / when / result: fountain

dream / an emphasis on landscape / there is nothing
left of dreaming / a purely devotional landscape /
is memory / dreaming / when left behind – colors of
switching portraits / replicating horror / see: television
/ only seeing the remainder of patterns / see: command


cannot dream / the fountain


one gigantic wall / climbing screen

algorithmic fantasy / shrink to sour levels /
wanted fantasy / see: fantasy / see: insomnia
as paper / felt space / felt character / felt
home / felt circuitry / felt program / felt







bodiless / felt humming / felt ingredient


/ cycling


sleep as information / sleep as processing

sleep chamber as processing unit / thresholds
of deregulated instantaneous designed motions /
the stairs appear / the vent appears / the table
appears / the arms move over the stairs towards
the vent / the table is below the shelf / as sleep
is the table / as sleep is the information for the
threshold of the autodidactic correlation between
the self and sleep’s casting of the self / sleep-walk

as sleep is the matter / created process of slipped
entrances / into nodes / lopped command / nodes
/ result : into nodes / visualizations: science fiction







personified / reading language sites / watching indented
feeds / as sleep is the matter / the matter becomes
ghosting / integration of layers of completed commands

when / integration of layers of toweled complete commands result
/ high percentage of freely apprehended appendages

shrink-wrapped pillow / slid face down sand wrap / ached
language / complex tongue system in throat’s rear / best sale
of sympatric modulations of saliva output / the pillow /
the sheets and coverings /
                                a corrupt workshop of assembly

cycling catalog of historical items /

                                book /







                                                                     plastic cup



see: fantasy / the shelf above the table / razor pen / a box
of skeleton warriors / fake grass / feel: fake grass / feel: a
piece of bone that is plastic / feel: synthetic color / feel: a
memory of synthetic color / feel: watching color spread /
a roadway – a path to / likening dozed hallucinatory ultra
trajectories to scaled memories / a falsity / a totality / a
bat-shaped pillow / a synchronicity / a reasonable siege


color: grayscale /
                                memory: fabrication of importance
/ landscape: marbled and cavernous / indentations
for hiding / here I am / in a space / in my room /









I live in a cave / I feel great in there / I use a handheld
digital device / controlling fluctuations of water screen
light / control the water flow /
                                                        I use a handheld
digital device / I / controlling fluctuations of the inability
to remember site-specific memories / the water fountain
its color and shape
                                                        I use a handheld
device to forget controlling fluctuations of light on a water


screen / I


slow misting of stale chlorine / on freshly haired skin
saliva boost – what it did to me / created purely saliva
based sentient being / its memory – saliva /







saliva / I


control panel access / light sequences


the water moves / different shapes / different patterns

see: quest guide / command: quest guide / doubling
quantities of rainfall / spread over sheets / plumes of
caffeine erupt / ah, the water fountain – I see it now /
over there / its memory – saliva / the water fountain

to become a ghost in your own memory / is the
converse integration of the self into a fluctuating
physicality of cerebral patterns / the command of
regaining specifics of distant recollections weakens
/ memory becomes uninhabitable space / the fountain









insomnia induces a fugue ghosting of being / a
zone between zones / a sub-order of stasis / a
time in which the awake becomes a ghost in one’s
own occupation / a shortening of remembering


scanning books /


/ cycling








Ed Steck

Ed Steck, a writer in Pittsburgh, is author of The Garden, An Interface for a Fractal Landscape, and David Horvitz: Newly Found Bas Jan Ader Film. Ed is the world’s pre-eminent techno-poet.


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