We stand in solidarity with the uprising unfolding across the country following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Jamel Floyd, and those affected by generations of structural violence against Black communities.

We're putting together a list of resources for self-education, mutual aid, and ongoing action in the struggle for racial justice.

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Change Story, Change Life
Service and Solace Where Arts Meet Need

Those of us who have chosen to make a life in the arts most likely know their value. If we didn’t, it might be impossible to face the wild fluxes that make up any artistic journey.

In Dialogue

A Scary and a Beautiful Place
Lucy Thurber’s Hill Town Plays

Usually when someone writes a cycle of plays, the plays eventually get performed sequentially or in repertory, by a single company, in a single theater, under a single director. But rarely is a cycle of plays produced simultaneously thanks to a theatrical vision that both embraces an entire neighborhood of theaters as a venue and opens itself to a host of artistic voices as collaborators.

Looking for Some Bulk After Hours in East WillyB?
Theater Artists Take on the Web Series

I often find myself a bit sad after the closing of a show. I miss the daily rehearsals, the continual discussions of the work and how to make it better. I miss the nervousness of audiences walking in and I miss talking with the team afterwards at the bar about what went wrong and what went right.

Painful Intimacy
Daniel Pearle’s A Kid Like Jake

“It feels so intimate when you’re in rehearsal, like a little protected world you’ve created. All of a sudden you walk into the lobby, and there are all these strangers. It becomes a very social act.”


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