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Lyrics for Love and Loss

I would like to attempt a transparent approach to a mysterious subject.


Leah Umansky admits impediments. In fact, her topos of a marriage-gone-bad is previewed on the cover (she did the collage).

In Conversation

BILL CHENG with Scott Cheshire

Bill and I met at an uptown café for lunch, like we often do, to talk about the novel, and, for the first time in years, I was at a loss for words.

Fractured Knowledge

What is the role of memory in our lives? How do our memories of the past define and shape how we envision ourselves in the present and the future?

Divided We Fall

It takes just a quick glance at recent New York Times headlines to realize that we’re at a critical moment in United States history.

A Classless Education

Recently, I was in Houston for work, but not the glossy downtown that visitors usually see. I spent most of my time in the Fifth Ward, a historic neighborhood founded in the aftermath of the Civil War by freed slaves.

Frederick & Fyodor

You would be forgiven the assumption that The Black Russian, a new book by Vladimir Alexandrov, is about the vodka and coffee liqueur cocktail.

World Without End

I work in publishing, so I may pay undue attention to a book’s packaging. Still, it seems a disservice to categorize Shannon Huffman Polson’s North of Hope under Religion/Spiritual Growth.


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