(Ex-)Editor’s Note

As I near my 11th anniversary as the Rail’smusic editor, a slew of other obligations has made it impossible for me to continue tending the section in my usual obsessive-compulsive way, so I’ve decided to move on. This is also a good opportunity to bring in some new blood, and I’m happy to announce that the transfusion comes in the person of George Grella, a longtime Rail contributor with ridiculously good taste in music. Marshall Yarbrough, who after just a year has made himself completely indispensable, will continue as assistant music editor. Many thanks to all the writers and readers who’ve made my work here such a joy, and especially to Rail publisher Phong Bui and editor Ted Hamm, who’ve blown all my lifelong views about bosses to bits.


Dave Mandl

DAVE MANDL is a writer (the Rail, the Wire, Slate, the Believer) and musician. He hosts the weekly music show World of Echo Sunday nights on WFMU.


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