Seaside Stories

X. The End of the Line

One’s subway stop forms a core part of everyday identity. Those traveling to the final stations on the Brooklyn lines tend to feel both pride and dread. There is camaraderie but also plenty of isolation. The seclusion allows for muted moments of overlooking the last few neighborhoods untouched by gentrification. An unspoken intimacy is created between these train stations at the end of the line and the people who use them. As with all close relationships, one takes the good with the bad.

Long stretches of the el run along the sidewalk island between Brighton Beach and Coney Island, providing cover from the rain.

The commute of these students was the catalyst for their friendship, as they make their way back to Church Avenue from Lincoln High School in Coney Island.

Jennifer and Danny came out to Coney Island together from their schools in Midwood, even though they recently broke up. Both enjoy the trip to Coney, off-season and in the rain.

Keamoun takes the L out to Canarsie, and continues on his journey home, cutting across an empty field opposite the station.

Angie is heading back to the Bronx after leaving the Aquarium. She has to do it all over again tomorrow, as she has a desk there in one of the administrative buildings.

Abbullah, along with many other “freelance” cab drivers, waits under the Coney Island hub.

On the way to lunch.

Lamar races to meet up with his friends.

Two friends from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan plan to drink Vodka surreptitiously underneath the elevated platforms at Sheepshead Bay.


Saskia Kahn

SASKIA KAHN is a photographer from the coast of Brooklyn (