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Docs In Sight: Documentarians in the News Cycle

DOC NYC is now officially the biggest documentary festival in the United States and that gives a bit more credence to the feeling that documentary film is playing a larger and more prominent role in our collectively morphing and imploding media landscape.

In Conversation

AGNIESZKA HOLLAND with Joshua Sperling

Agnieszka Holland is a curious director. She works on both sides of the Atlantic, in both cinema and television. Although her style has remained consistently accessible, often genre-inflected, her career demonstrates a commitment to the difficult moments of European history.

Highlights from Doclisboa 2013

Those who still think of documentary films primarily as infotainment, vessels of variously banal or galling factoids that might once have lived on public television when such a thing existed, would do well to look to Doclisboa, a festival that seeks to challenge rather than reinforce cinematic non-fiction’s formal and thematic boundaries.

Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy

Filmmaker Ulrich Seidl has confronted viewers for decades with disturbing and often frighteningly realistic portraits of those who are marginalized, abused, or plain excluded from mainstream Western, and more specifically Austrian, society.

In Conversation

LOTFY NATHAN with Valentina Canavesio

In one of the most lyrical sequences in the film, Pug, the young protagonist of Lotfy Nathan’s new documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, explains the genesis of the film’s title:“They call them 12 O’Clock Boys because they drive the bike straight back, like the hands on the clock.


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