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Top Secret

What does the raw material of surveillance look like? How do you evaluate days of camera footage of a single street corner, or comprehensive maps marking the movement of a cell phone over the course of a single week?

In Conversation


Artist and writer Nick Kline spoke with Katarina Poliacikova about hesitation, photo-graphy, and the artist book accompanying her current exhibition, Until we remember the same, at Open Source Gallery (November 9 – December 1, 2013).

The Ten Best Art Books of 2013

Unlike the constancy of discourse in the established art world by art historians, museum curators, and other experts to affirm the validity of certain works of art, Wild Art offers a new perspective, redefining what once had been considered “outsider,” “self-taught,” and “naïve” art.


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 13-JAN 14

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