Seaside Stories

IX: Sheepshead Bars

I work at a bar that was recently named best neighborhood bar in N.Y.C. by the NY Times Magazine. While I agree that it deserves the title, I am not exactly sure which neighborhood it belongs to—South Slope? Greenwood Heights? Sunset Park? I thus felt compelled to dive into some bars deeply intertwined with their own distinct neighborhood (Sheepshead Bay). These enduring pubs are second homes to the regulars, who welcome you once they know you are cut from the same cloth. Once you’re in, time seems to have stopped, and New Brooklyn seems like a faraway place.


A devoted patron patiently waits for the company of his favorite bartender as she takes a needed cigarette break.

Jim has been serving drinks at Wheeler’s “for too long,” but he’s now teaching his son Connor the ropes.

Boundaries are crossed when one bartender's night off frees her up to dance with the regulars.

The most soulful karaoke I’ve ever seen takes place at the Towne Café, under the B/Q stop.

Frank waxes nostalgic over beers as he tells of his glory days as a roommate and sparring partner of Mike Tyson’s.


Saskia Kahn

SASKIA KAHN is a photographer from the coast of Brooklyn (