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from Zugzwang

Narseu Gàver had read about it somewhere. He grabs a kitchen knife, takes a deep breath and, biting his lower lip, excises the little finger of his left hand at the second phalange. The pain, like a volcanic eruption, flashes through his nervous system.

Alien Daughters Walk Into the Sun

Jackie Wang’s presentation (via Skype) for the Colored Bitches in a White Boy World: Innovative Others and Identity Aesthetics panel which was presented at &Now Boulder on 9/27/13

A diary of mysterious difficulties...

Well then, in this mysterious little difficulty, we were stuck in quest of an opinion. What did I really know? Where were we really?

Salt Lake City Congo

Two months after I visited Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I went to Salt Lake City, in Utah, to give a reading. The reading was held at a gallery called the Art Barn, a handsome space whose walls were hung with photographs taken on a variety of themes and, if memory serves, using a variety of approaches.

from The Compleat Memoirrhoids

Marry the sagebrush; its heady scents after a cloudburst, and its grey kink that sweaters the north Nevada hills. Marry the switchback dirt roads into old mining camps.

the first 3 chapters from Manhattan Tropics

On that Saturday morning Antonio was hurriedly preparing to meet a friend who was arriving from Puerto Rico. It had rained all night and the new day was dark, damp, sticky, and insufferable. A ray of light nonetheless shone through the gloomy weather—the prospect of welcoming a beloved countryman with open arms.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages: He blogs at and

The Right Thing

Bishakh Som’s work has appeared in Hi-horse, Blurred Vision, Pood, Specs and the acclaimed Graphic Canon series. He received the Xeric grant in 2003 to publish his first collection, Angel. His watercolor paintings have been shown at the Bannister Gallery at Rhode Island College and at Animal Magic, a solo show at ArtLexis Gallery in Brooklyn.

Coat Check Room

Keren Katz is the illustrating half of The Katz Sisters duo. She is also the half that is not fictitious. Her books The Night Poetry Class in Room 1001 and Uncontested Spaces are the products of her obsession with guerilla poetry. The latter is scheduled to be published by NO Press.

Among the Shadows

The View of the Great Crowd is one of the most important thoroughfares in the City.


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