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Celebrate the New Dark Age

Today is not a time for monuments; it is a time for ruins. What front page of a newspaper is not splashed with images of social collapse, disaster, and grief that transfix us with their mournful beauty and fill us with lurid fascination?

BATS Step Up to the Plate

They call themselves BATS, an acronym for Badass Teachers, and they’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Books In Conversation


Some poets seize and refine a particular aesthetic until their procedures can take them no further. Others are more searching and allow specific projects or concepts to determine changes in their approach from book to book.

A Pack of Damn Lies

Everyone on the roof of the HQ stopped talking to watch Dolan and me, two old friends, reunite. The Iraqis and the Americans reacted nearly identically, lending a warm smile to our reunion and watching unabashedly, drawing energy from it and solace and maybe a recollection of meeting their own long last pal, somewhere unexpected, far from home.

Art Books In Conversation

DAVE HICKEY with Charles Schultz

Dave Hickey recently published Pirates and Farmers: Essays on the Frontiers of Art (Ridinghouse, 2013), a collection of essays on taste and 20th-century art. The book is threaded with personal tales of insouciance and the opinions of a man who has decided he’s through with the art world, but will never be done with art.


When iconic actress, director, and Mabou Mines co-founder Ruth Maleczech passed away last month, she left an expansive legacy of fierce artistic expression. Some fellow artists have spent a lifetime in her company, some have only witnessed her work from the outside, but for each of the contributors to this tribute, she was a touchstone—a living beacon leading onward by way of her fearless creative spirit, sharp insight (and tongue), and her many gifts of time, talent, and mentorship to fellow artists.

Notes on Daredevils

“Scale is an idea all of its own.” Daredevils is artist, poet, and performer Stephanie Barber’s first feature-length film, and this expanded space becomes a repository for ideas for and about art, and for observations on interaction and interrelation. Here, the excitement of ideas, and of seeing, functions like the rising and falling of serotonin levels, moments of ecstasy leading to inevitably painful ends. Moments bend within that split second when happiness turns into melancholy on contact with the intellect.

Books In Conversation

AMIN (A.X) AHMAD with Charlene Allen

I met Amin Ahmad at a fiction-writing workshop at The New School in New York City, where he quickly rose to stardom. Filled with nervous beginners, the class was hungry for guidance and validation.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Readers

I will never forget the evening of Monday October 29, 2012. The night before was the reception for my exhibition, Work According to the Rail, Part I (After the Flood), at Showroom Gallery in the Lower East Side. Upon returning to Greenpoint, my wife the painter Nathlie Provosty and I, along with Cy Morgan, the sculptor and former Rail Distribution Manager, went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner, the only place open.

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What Richard Pryor Didn’t Know

In 1926, John Grierson coined the word “documentary” to describe the “documentary value” of Moana, the second film by Robert Flaherty, who is considered the inventor of the form, at least in the English language.


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