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The Wages of Dignity

Gripes about low wages and difficult-to-deplorable working conditions have sparked a nationwide movement by fast food employees.

Express In Conversation

DERIC LOSTUTTER with Theodore Hamm

KnightSec’s leader may face more jail time than the Steubenville rapists his hacking helped expose.

The Manifesto of the Whistleblower Defense League

This is an authoritarian democracy. Our rights to protest and to speak freely are sacred until they have a subversive effect on the running of an institution, at which point all is shut down so that not a tweet can be heard.

Art In Conversation

LATOYA RUBY FRAZIER with Greg Lindquist & Charles Schultz

During the run of A Haunted Capital at the Brooklyn Museum (March 22 – August 11, 2013) and while preparing for Witness at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (June 22 – October 13, 2013), the artist discussed photography, activism, and the importance of portraiture.

Art In Conversation


State of Mind: New California Art circa 1970 was curated by Constance Lewallen and Karen Moss and co-organized by the Orange County Museum of Art and the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Lewallen paid a visit to the Rail’s headquarters to talk about the genesis of the exhibit and more.

RAFAEL FERRER with Barry Schwabsky

On the occasion of Rafael Ferrer’s participation in the exhibition When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969/Venice 2013, Barry Schwabsky met with the Puerto Rican-born musician-turned-artist to find out what it was like to re-encounter his own younger self.

Art In Conversation

RAPHAEL RUBINSTEIN with Joan Waltemath

On May 5, Joan Waltemath met with Raphael Rubinstein at his loft in TriBeCa to talk about Reinventing Abstraction: New York Painting in the 1980s, a show he curated at Cheim & Read (June 27 – August 30).

Worlds With Us

It’s over: the contemporary was a brief period, a moment in the short American century when historical amnesia combined with postwar prosperity to flash like a strobe light on the entire world.

History and Memory: The Velocity of Extinction

History has never succeeded at teaching a lesson, not once, not even inthe 20th century, whose colossal pedagogical commitments dwarfed the scholarly efforts of any previous hundred years.

Film In Conversation

PETER KUBELKA with Andrew Lampert, Part 2

This is the second part of an epic, five-hour conversation interview with Peter Kubelka, who recently visited New York for the theatrical premiere of Martina Kudláček’s acclaimed documentary Fragments of Kubelka.

Drink and Time in Dublin

From a forthcoming collection of short fiction published by Dalkey Archive.

TEN YEARS OF DUST-TO-DIGITAL: The Ongoing Mission of Moses Asch

In his lifetime, Moses Asch devoted himself to documenting what he called “people’s music.” Asch churned out dozens of releases each year on his label, Folkways Records, covering marginalized sounds from every corner of the globe.

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RE: Re-

Our understanding of the art of the near and distant past is now bound up with the ways we deploy and respond to an array of replicas and re-enactment.


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