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Red Wigs and Lettuce
Passing Through the Heart with Dalia Basiouny

I met Egyptian writer and theater artist Dalia Basiouny last year in Iraqi-Kurdistan, where we were both participants in “Women in Action 2,” an international conference organized by ArtRole. We were part of a group of women artists and activists from the Middle East and around the world.

Lesser America Takes On A Tragic Chimp

Lesser America makes pop theater. While not yet downtown theater’s Taylor Swift, this scrappy young theater company possesses a strong populist streak. The company, led by trio of actors Laura Ramadei, Nate Miller, and Dan Abeles, wants to keep tickets cheap and audiences entertained, even as they choose work that mainstream theaters are too scared to program.

Miranda Huba's Candy Tastes Nice Puts Virginity on the Auction Block.

In terms of research I did not speak to anyone who has tired to sell sex or their virginity online, but I became very interested in cultural and historical obsessions with virginity. The play started with this idea of selling of virginity and then branched out into how women’s sexuality is represented in media culture in general.


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