Seaside Stories

Part I: Brighton Furs

The streets of Brighton Beach are, among many other things, a runway of winter style. Under the shadows of the elevated B/Q train parades a vibrant safari of vermilion lipstick, glossy leather boots, and banded fur. The character of these women is something to be envious of; not just any babushka can be dripping with fur and pull it off. She’s gotta have enough attitude to make passersby think she may very well have killed the animal herself.

Katya didn’t understand a word I was saying, but was happy to bask in the sun for a few more moments outside the Brighton Bazaar.

She embodied the New York women you picture populating street markets a century ago—tough as nails, but with each curl intact.

And just what is the perfect accessory to a furry coat? A furry dog, of course.

A great coat isn’t enough; all other accessories need to match, including the eyeliner.

So what if a little dirty water is dripping down from the Q train when you look this fabulous? Her pelts shield her from any grime.

Susana’s leopard scarf added to her feline prowess.

After much convincing this proud bubulya became animated, displaying her designer sunglasses, jewels, and nails.

When the ocean winds graze along the fur of their long heavy coats, the women look like they are gliding across the asphalt.

Smoking a cigarette and observing the fruit stands, she seemed like a film noir character.


Saskia Kahn

SASKIA KAHN is a photographer from the coast of Brooklyn.