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The Diary of Martín Santomé: A Novel

The party is over. Back to the office again tomorrow. I’m thinking about the sales reports, the soft eraser, the carbon copy books, the checkbooks, the manager’s voice – and then my stomach turns.

Mr. Colostomy

Matthew Thurber, the author of 1-800-MICE, is currently working on a series called INFOMANIACS, to be found serialized online at


Leah Hayes is a musician/producer from New York who writes comic books while watching Star Trek next to her blanket-humping cat.

Deals Made Behind Closed Doors

Benjamin Marra is the controversial, notorious and influential creator of the successful underground comic books Night Business, Gangsta Rap Posse, The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd, and Lincoln Washington: Free Man!


Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a comic strip illustrator and "cartooniologist."

An excerpt from Prehistoric Times

I was appointed to this post to replace the deceased Boborikine. Things could have been worse, I could have taken a bigger fall; an overhanging rock stopped my plummet and it was only my shattered kneecap – bouncing off the bumps on the side walls – that in the end hit bottom.


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