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CARSTEN HÖLLER: Artist's Portfolio

I won’t fall down a “What is art?” hole, but I think it is in examining the tenuous division between artistic and scientific creation that a viewer best understands what makes Carsten Höller’s work so exciting.

Vestiarium Scoticum

When Nick Relph’s Vestiarium Scoticum first landed on my desk, my stomach fluttered in excitement. It revived a familiar feeling from when I worked at the New York Historical Society some years ago, the unmistakable thrill of uncovering some forgotten history.

In Conversation

BENJAMIN MARRA with Ashok Kondabolu

A few months ago I was reading Benjamin Marra’s Gangsta Rap Posse (Traditional Comics)—a comic book series about an N.W.A.-style group that spends its days brawling with rival rappers, fighting a racist L.A.P.D. force, and running lucrative drug and prostitution rackets (while paying scant attention to actually recording music)—and wondering, Who wrote this crazy shit?


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