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Watchin’ the Detectives—And the Rest of the Officers, Too

While various past watchdog efforts have targeted police brutality, Police Reform Organizing Project founder Robert Gangi says that the new group is the first "to focus on policy and the harm being caused to individuals and communities on a day-to-day basis.”

On Hakeem Jeffries

The shops, restaurants, and dry cleaners in Clinton Hill are festooned with signs hailing a rising political star. The neighborhood is economically diverse—there are large housing projects, and Susan Sarandon just bought a place here—but politically, liberalism is a cheerful consensus

Alias Anonymous

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for almost two years, and one of the first people I met here was Jack. We became Twitter friends when I started following his blog, and when I relocated from Los Angeles a couple of months afterward, Jack invited me to my first Brooklyn-roof barbecue.


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