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THE FRIDAY OF RAGE: The March to Tahrir Square

I woke up on the morning of January 28 a little before Friday prayers.

A Literary Life, Perused

Jeff called and told me to get in the van and come to Rhode Island. He was at a professor’s house in the Providence suburbs digging through a massive collection of fiction, film, and philosophy paperbacks.

In Conversation

ANNA FUNDER with Bec Zajac

The author of the internationally acclaimed nonfiction work Stasiland turns to fiction in order to dramatize the real stories of anti-Nazi activists.

In Conversation

TABISH KHAIR with Seb Doubinsky

Tabish Khair worked as a reporter for Indian papers in Bihar and Delhi before moving to Copenhagen, where he painted houses, delivered newspapers, and washed dishes. He eventually completed a Ph.D. in Denmark and went on to become one of the most iconoclastic and prolific Indian English-language writers of his generation.

Of Many Minds

In her memoir American Gypsy, Oksana Marafioti diagnoses herself with “split nationality disorder” in reference to the internal split she feels when choosing between her Romani identity on her father’s side and her Armenian identity on her mother’s.

Everything Under the Sun

Robert Hass is a man of deft and vast intelligence, but unlike many writers afflicted with such acute awareness, he has kept his compassion, his open engagement with our world, remarkably intact.

Portrait of the Artist

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest was published my freshman year of college, just as I was discovering the world of contemporary literature and my own desire to participate in it.

Once Upon a Lifetime…

Stephen Tobolowsky is an actor. He is also a radio host, teacher of improv, amasser of trivia, and, one suspects, an enchanting dinner party raconteur. It is, therefore, his nature to seek story.


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