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Twelve Works

Twelve works by the artist.

Just Call Me Al

We are not a narrow tribe of men, with a bigoted Hebrew nationality—whose blood has been debased in the attempt to ennoble it, by maintaining an exclusive succession among ourselves.

A Studio Visit in Four Parts

I happily rekindled a very old friendship in the last couple of years with the painter Archie Rand whom I’d met in a previous century, sometime in the mid-1970s, through either Ross Feld or Gil Sorrentino, both writers and both, now, sadly departed.


What is to be done when one generation’s entertainment becomes the next generation’s disparagement? Does one laugh, cringe, or contemplate?

LUISA RABBIA Coming and Going

Though Luisa Rabbia works in various media, the core of her practice resides in drawing. It remains a significant component even when she is working in sculpture or film.

Anecdotal Response to a Kossoff Motif

When David Shapiro asked me for a text for this issue of the Rail I was driven to finish a couple of responses to exhibitions that were abandoned for lack of time but that I also knew had been taking off on their own in more or less opinionated ways.

QUAY BROTHERS On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets

As identical twins, the Quays do not traffic in the kind of boundaries that we singulars do. Theirs is the world of the Twins—not of one individual’s subjectivity or the other’s (although clearly each completes singular activities in production).

Shaping the Structure of Painting

I have followed the work of Charles Hinman over the past 30 years, well aware that he has been working much longer than that. Add another 25 years, and you’ll get the approximate length of his distinguished career and inexorable commitment to a single idea, comparable to Sir Isaac Newton’s reputed single-mindedness.

THOMAS MICCHELLI Portfolio x Appunti

I’ll start this review with a disclaimer. Normally when a writer inserts a disclaimer there’s a smarmy, unctuous note that follows, but in this case I’m proud to say that Thomas Micchelli was my editor here at the Brooklyn Rail for five years, and more importantly, I learned a heck of a lot from Tom.


Louise Fishman’s new show substantiates, yet again, her importance as an Abstract Expressionist painter. Her current group of paintings, in which blue and, to a lesser extent, green predominate, have been inspired by her residency at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice.


In Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s spectacular “Voice Array” (2011), part of the Mexican-Canadian artist’s fourth solo show at bitforms, one can listen to up to 288 anonymous vocal samples—played in uneven unison, and accompanied by pulses of vibrant white light in discrete beams, emanating from above and below a raised black strip along the back wall.

Lecture for Chicago

Awkward x 2 was formed in 2010 by Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe out of the desire to make works in which a painting isn’t finished until neither artist is sure who did what.

Three Poems

From Miguel Hernández, a volume of poems selected and translated by Don Share, to be published in April 2013 by NYRB Classics. Don Share is Senior Editor of Poetry magazine; his latest book of poems is Wishbone (Black Sparrow, 2012).

His Artificial Lover Sings a Wordless Song

The year of silence coming to an end / my artificial lover joined me on the fevered wheel // to the tune of Tinkers Polka, Plums of Purity, / Under the Double Eagle, When // the White Magnolias Bloom...

Andrew MacNair, First Egg Chapel

First Egg Chapel, Capella Ovi, In Construction, Hi Family, W-Zone Park, Munho-ri, Seonjong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Outside Seoul, S. Korea - by Andrew MacNair Architects, Opened July 17, 2012, Photo by Michael Capitain, C 2012.


BC uses the methods and materials associated with industries adjacent to the art world—including fashion, publishing, and filmmaking—to challenge suspect, high-minded, commercial, or subversive impulses within both the realm of fine art and the real world beyond.

FRANK MOORE Toxic Beauty

This double exhibition is the first and most comprehensive review of the work of Frank Moore (1953-2002), an elusive artist called, among myriad other things, a visual essayist.

CAROL RAMA Spazio anche più che tempo

Carol Rama’s first exhibition was shut down by the police, who removed her paintings from the gallery. Some of the overtly sexual watercolors on display included images of men having sex with dogs and women excreting snakes.


Toba Khedoori’s monochromatic paintings and drawings are subtle and shifty exercises in visual sleight-of-hand. These seemingly pristine objects are not what they seem; Khedoori clearly relishes the dichotomy between what they are initially perceived to be and the reality of the surface.

On the Ghost of a Boy Returning to Newark
(For children of mixed backgrounds everywhere.)

Alex Duensing has an M.F.A. from Columbia, currently resides in St. Petersburg Florida, is madly in love with his wife, and is working to promote world peace.

Two Poems

Joanna Fuhrman is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Pageant (Alice James Books 2009) and can be found at

Earthly Delights

All / Night / I / Was / Your / Hair

Removing Barriers Mobilizes Resources

The largest single financial asset that the Cooper Union currently holds is its promise of free education: TO ALL. The value contained within this promise far exceeds our current endowment as well as the physical properties held by the institution including the land under the Chrysler Building.

Herbie Vogel

For a few years I lived under a giant skylight in a windowless, basement level, 19th-century police truck repair garage on Mulberry Street. There, the city was far away.


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