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The Dirty Business of Cleaning Cars

Like most immigrants, Jose Oscar left his native El Salvador looking for a better life, a way to support his two children and aging parents. He didn’t expect America’s streets to be paved with gold and didn’t expect dollar bills to be hanging from trees. But he did expect to be given a chance to succeed.

The Changing Face Of Park 51

How two Muslim Americans who came of age in the aftermath of 9/11 are attempting to rebrand the “Ground Zero Mosque”

I was a Brooklyn Townie

I’m from Brooklyn. I mean, I’m really from Brooklyn. I was actually born here.

In Conversation

Bucking Brooklyn’s Machine
LINCOLN RESTLER with Williams Cole

Lincoln Restler, a district leader in North Brooklyn, strikes one as a go-getting and earnest young man with an objective. I encountered him in person in July as he was going door to door on my block in Williamsburg asking people, “What issues are important to you?”


It was a hot afternoon in July when I first felt the sting. As I approached my destination on the D train, the conductor announced the stop’s new name, “Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center.”


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2012

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