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A scene from The Color Wheel, a screenplay

One of the first questions I always get asked at Q&As following screenings of The Color Wheel is how much of the dialogue is improvised.

SHOCK OPERA: The First North American Film Retrospective of Werner Schroeter

“We were 20 students at the film academy in Munich, and Werner was by far the greatest eccentric there. The only dandy in the group,” Wim Wenders said about his friend Werner Schroeter.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Adam Curtis at e-flux

This spring, e-flux feted the British television journalist Adam Curtis with a complete retrospective of his documentary essays. The Desperate Edge of Now, curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, marked yet another major stage in the canonization of one of the most ambitious contemporary political filmmakers.

Spaces of Capital

Urban planning emphasizes a stage production of modern aesthetics at the expense of all else. Glittering boulevards in the world’s most successful market capitals belie the fact that any dirty, degrading, or dangerous work ever happens there at all.


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