The New Millennium Minstrel Show


Danspace Project, a leading space for experimental contemporary dance, just finished a two-month program that examined the meaning of black dance. Curator and choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones asked, “[D]oes ‘Black Dance’ even exist? And assuming it does, what defines it?”


JOHN JASPERSE with Aaron Mattocks


In 2000 at the Kitchen, choreographer John Jasperse premiered Fort Blossom, which features a lengthy nude male duet that confronts the gaze of the audience in surprising ways. In a rare look back, Jasperse will reinvestigate the work at New York Live Arts from May 9 – 12, by creating an expanded version: Fort Blossom revisited (2000/2012).

Stuck On You


Faye Driscoll and Jesse Zaritt can’t move. They shift uncomfortably under the weight of a rainbow of fabric and clothing that hangs messily from their bodies. Standing on tables, they are disheveled giants who stare aloofly around the silent room. They are, in fact, trapped by each other in You’re Me, Driscoll’s newest work, which premiered at the Kitchen last month.

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