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VANISHING POINT: Will the RIAA and MPAA Wipe International Music Off the Globe?

In Hollywood and the Recording Industry Association of America’s unchecked attempt to keep the world safe for Lady Gaga and Harry Potter, we’re seeing the beginning of the possible destruction of the web as a site for virtual libraries, archives, and—most important—community.

Waiting For the (Thin) Man

Somewhere off I-5 in the woods south of Portlandia, James Angell, Oregon’s wizard of psychedelic pop, is probably tinkering in his home studio and thinking, “It’s still your move, David Bowie.”

Tour Diary of Das Racist’s 2012 Australia/New Zealand Relax Tour, January 19–February 5, 2012

I woke up the morning of January 17, 2012, and met with the Greedhead (our label) intern and began packing shirts, CDs, and vinyl to bring on tour with us.

REALLY GOOD VIBRATIONS: Harry Bertoia's Sonambient Sound Sculptures

Harry Bertoia first gained fame as an industrial designer, creating the wireframe “diamond chair” for Knoll in 1952. Its success enabled Bertoia to pursue his passion as an artist, which took an immediate turn with his creation of sound sculptures, which he named Sonambient.


Gil Scott-Heron’s explosive memoir The Last Holiday is a must for any Scott-Heron fan. Published posthumously, it covers his life from childhood through his career up until the 1980s.

IT'S GOTTA BE THE SHOES: The Gories and Mark Sultan at the Bell House

There’s a lot of cachet and much romance tied to the notion that a certain type of rock ’n’ roll savantism can be evoked from picking up an instrument without training.


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