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Ever since Lucy Lippard included him in Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object (1973), Peter Downsbrough (b. 1940) has accrued an extensive bibliography—owing to his expatriate situation in Brussels, almost exclusively European.

Bubbles: Spheres, Volume I: Microspherology

Sloterdijk’s concern in Spheres is the same as every German philosopher since Kant: What is humanity in the condition of modernity? That is to say: What is humanity without the all-encompassing presence of religion, whose persistence in the modern world is either ineffectually subcultural or violently retrograde, and, in any case, is clearly incapable of offering a satisfying universal?

Is That All There Is?

A prime mover in the Dutch underground comics scene of the 1970s and a stalwart of international avant-garde comics, Swarte, like many European artists, was steeped in the Hergé style—and engaged it more fully than most.

Believing is Seeing: Observations on the Mysteries of Photography

Errol Morris’s latest book, Believing is Seeing, builds upon his 2008 film and book, co-written with Philip Gourevitch, Standard Operating Procedure, about the crimes at Abu Ghraib, and the digital photographs that revealed them.


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