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CINEMA AS AN EVENT: An Interview with Light Industry’s Ed Halter

In 2007 Ed Halter and Thomas Beard began presenting film and electronic art under the name Light Industry, first in a raw space in a dim corner of Industry City, Brooklyn, and later in a downtown storefront on Livingston Street.

Esfir Shub and the Problem of Realism

While the names of Dziga Vertov and Sergei Eisenstein are bound to evoke some, even if mostly schematic, associations in the popular memory, that of Esfir Shub, their colleague and sometime mentor, draws an unfortunate blank.

Eugenio Polgovsky’s The Inheritors

The film opens with this lullaby. A sweet, motherly voice sings it, but the melody is haunting. Then, the world appears, unrelenting and vast, the people in it tiny and insignificant. The long, slow tracking shot of the misty mountains is magnificent, reminiscent of a travelogue.

ACTIVISTS & ALIENS: Films of Unrest at the 2011 Festival del Film Locarno

Surrounded by mountains and cozily situated in a picturesque northern cove at the Swiss end of Lake Maggiore, the small Italianate resort-town of Locarno would seem like the ideal haven from urban unrest, protests against various forms of injustice, and similar pressing social and political issues.


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