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In Conversation

LYNNE TILLMAN with Caroline Ball

Lynne Tillman is a rare hybrid of fiction writer, essayist, art critic, and teacher. She is the author of five novels, one of which was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award, as well as three collections of short stories, a collection of essays, and two other nonfiction works. Here she discusses experimentation, structure and her constant battle with language with Caroline Ball.

In Conversation

JOHAN HARSTAD with Ann Votaw

Norwegian author Johan Harstad wrote his first novel, Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All The Confusion?  against the background of artists like Beck and Radiohead. In fact, “background” takes a starring role in this story about a 30-something gardener/musician who moves to a halfway house after losing his job and girlfriend.

The Gay Man Who Loved Women

Michael Montlack’s debut collection of poetry, Cool Limbo, is an urbane, cosmopolitan, and warm-hearted tribute to the teen queens who ruled his youth and the gay queens who nurtured his adult identity.

Death Agents

Looking into the public’s fraught, ambivalent relationship with news footage of people facing death, About To Die: How News Images Move the Public is a keenly argued volume on the power of images to stir debate over truth and decency.

Madame Futurist

Best known as a poet, the English-born writer Mina Loy (1882 – 1966) was one of the great, eccentric, and under-sung geniuses of cosmopolitan modernism.

Smoke and Mirrors

A period of confusion might follow after opening Ana Menéndez’s new book, Adios, Happy Homeland! The contents page lists what appear to be chapter titles. Yet the prologue is written by a Cubophile Irishman, Herberto Quain, and the first chapter is attributed to an author named Celestino D’Alba.

The Serial Name-Dropper

Not to get gushy, but if you’re a writer, or want to be a writer, or just like to hang out around writers and pretend you’re a writer, then you’ll gobble up Bruce Jay Friedman’s literary memoir, Lucky Bruce.

Keeping Score

In February 2006, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its intention to induct Alex Pompez—numbers king in Harlem; owner of the Cuban Stars, a Negro-League team; vice president of the Negro National League for two years; and the first Latino director of international scouting for any Major League Baseball team—into the organization, along with 16 others from the Negro-League era.

Studio Portrait

Lucas Zane is a retired war photojournalist turned porno photographer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Melissa is a street-smart stripper and porn star trying to scrape her way out from under the indignities of the skin trade.

A Very Productive Season

The small presses are coming out swinging this fall, respectfully.

Or A Fistful of Fulfilling Fall Books

Area 51 doesn’t officially exist. The military/intelligence operation is located in a cluster of test sites, target ranges, and spook headquarters half the size of Connecticut.


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