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The Positive News About Negative Thinking

When Osama bin Laden was assassinated earlier this year, it was an uncanny coincidence that I happened to be reading Mira Schor’s essay chronicling the days after September 11.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Fashion and Socialist Politics

FashionEast, opens with a self-evident, though provocative, question: “Can fashion—a phenomenon deeply rooted in its own past and the past of Western civilization—start from zero?” The answer is implicit in the question: no, it cannot.

A Time When No Budget, Unlimited Time and Resourcefulness Shaped Counter-Culture

During the 1990s, a surge of underground music flooded popular culture. The mainstream success of such bands as Nirvana, Green Day, and Offspring was built outside of corporate influence, on a groundswell of support from the do-it-yourself punk and independent music scenes.

The Problem with the Nightmare

Markus Miessen has been working on dismantling the notion of participation for a while now. The Nightmare of Participation (Crossbench Praxis as a Mode of Criticality) (Sternberg Press, 2011) comes after Did Someone Say Participate? An Atlas of Spatial Practice (MIT Press, 2006) and The Violence of Participation (Sternberg, 2007).


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