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The Berlin Theatertreffen

And you can’t help concluding that the human exchange is of less interest to German theater practitioners, including the writers—or that the exchange is something very different, taking place between the materials of the stage and the audience. But how to describe this exchange?

In Conversation

STAGE MANGERS Lloyd Davis Jr., Cole Bonenberger, and Martha Donaldson with Gary Winter

Over the past 10 years, the Rail theater section has focused its coverage on playwrights—new voices, more established and ever-reinventing voices, the scripts. Recently, we began talking about expanding our vision to embrace all the practitioners who blend their arts and collaboratively come together to make a script become a play.


When I heard playwright Jeff Lewonczyk was smashing together my two favorite worlds—comics and theater—to curate their latest summer festival of awesome at the Brick Theater, I geeked out. I’m not sure if I accosted him while he was eating dinner at Dumont or before a Vampire Cowboys Saloon show—

How to Build a Forest with Pearl D'Amour and Shawn Hall

Spring, and it’s been raining in Brooklyn for too many days. A single, exotic-sounding songbird suddenly re-appears, having returned from a winter spent who knows where. Bits of song pierce through the grind of a passing car’s engine.

BRINGING BACK THE BIG New Gerges's The Germ Project

We Americans love us some Shakespeare. Or, at the very least, we recognize the profound importance of his oeuvre. Rare is the high school student who hasn’t rolled her eyes while reading aloud from Romeo and Juliet in class and then fantasized about the totally unreachable guy


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