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The Unfaithful Dreamer

Alfred Peabody was a faithful husband in his second marriage. He couldn’t help himself. He was too happy with his spouse. Oh he had occasional fantasies about other women, but he really only wanted to be faithful and happy with his spouse, whom he truly loved.

Three Stories

Today, one minute earlier than yesterday, and its beams, along with the vernal floods remove the last dark patches of winter makeup. No worms yet. The soil is still frozen inside. There are still plenty of last year’s leaves on the branches of trees and bushes. It was just below freezing last night, the puddles have filmed with ice, and it feels like early fall, but it’s spring.

FÉDER or the Gilded Husband

It should be said that ever since Féder—whose reputation as a painter of miniatures and as the inconsolable lover of his first wife was making giant strides—had seen a few thousand franc notes, the gift for commerce had awoken in him. In his early childhood, he had learned from his father the art of speculation and of keeping track of clinched deals.

Character and Fitness: Chapters 5 and 6

Character and Fitness is a semi-autobiographical novel about an unemployed social justice lawyer and his nurse girlfriend living in a shitty apartment complex behind a strip mall in suburban Philadelphia, the birthplace of our democracy.

Tragic Strip

As news of fiction Krishna's miracles spreads through the comics section, a gathering of disciples abandon their strips to attend his lectures.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2011

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