The Still Lives of Wells Tower


Wells Tower is a phenomenal magazine writer. I mean this not as a compliment but as an observation that makes plain both the industry in which he plies his trade as well as the success he’s enjoyed.


MORE THAN GORE: Ghita Schwarz’s Holocaust Stories


Adding to the canon of Holocaust literature is a daunting prospect for anyone. For a first-time novelist, even more so. But with Displaced Persons, Brooklyn local Ghita Schwarz has added a moving, original, and surprisingly humorous book to this genre.

from Nina Revoyr’s Wingshooters


Novelist Nina Revoyr is the author of four books, including Southland, which was an LA Times “Best Book of 2003” and an Edgar Award Finalist. Her latest novel, Wingshooters, is an absorbing, searing account of race relations in the U.S.

Bottoms-Up American History


Thaddeus Russell’s new book, A Renegade History of the United States, is a collection of great stories about some of the country’s grand down-and-outers—and many others neither down nor out—who normally are either not mentioned or only marginally referred to in more conventional histories.

Thanks for the Memories


If it were not so perfectly in line with expectations, George W. Bush’s presidential memoir Decision Points would have to be considered an absolute insult to the reader’s intelligence.

Deception Points


Lying, spinning, and concealment: three forms of international political deception. From Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman to Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, American political leaders have lied to their citizens and to their executive counterparts with a variety of strategic motivations and with varying degrees of moral justification.

An Accidental Memoir


Probably every person who has made it into adulthood has some memory of that strange transition between childhood, where action and outcome is largely delimited, and the adult world of often random and tragically permanent consequences.

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