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In the Battle of the Open Heart

An old music can be heard in Zuccotti Park that hasn’t been heard around these parts in a very long time—it’s the music of human dignity, solidarity, and individuals being transformed into one.

A Poem for a Sunday Occupational Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club (10.16.2011)

Paul McLean is an artist and writer who works in both new media and traditional fine art.

Education for the 99 Percent

For more than a month, hundreds of people have been sleeping outdoors on the cement in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, decrying the fact that our country is run for the benefit of the richest 1 percent, at the expense of the other 99 percent.

OWS, From A-Z

A=arraign; arrears; arrests Many came to Occupy Wall Street because they are in arrears, only to be arrested, some even arraigned.

Letters to the Mayor

(11-15-11) The argument that it’s the Occupy Wall Street protesters who are the ones violating the First Amendment is a truly novel claim—perhaps even a prize-winning work of legal fiction.

Poets Before Profits

It’s the first day of classes at Urban Word NYC’s Brooklyn site. Rain is falling hard, in sheets rather than drops, and walking outdoors requires puddle jumping or wading across small rivers.

Gentlemen Close Your Legs

How many seats are you entitled to? Learn how to sit on the subway, or did you not notice it is driving us crazy!?!  And no, not in a good way.


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