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My Life in a Column

Tracey Emin wavers. In her art, and in her writing, she changes her mind, she repeats herself, and she can’t decide what she wants. For a female artist, wavering is dangerous: it can either be attributed to a tongue-in-cheek ultra-feminine approach, or it can be attributed to a lack of consistency.

READING DOUBLE: The Book of Ruth

What freedoms can an alter ego afford an artist? What truths? In Book of Ruth, Robert Seydel assumes the identity of his fictitious aunt, Ruth Greisman, a forgotten collagist. Made by Seydel through the foil of “another,” Book of Ruth is a paean to the inner life and how we might express it through poetry, through the subliminal medium of collage, and across gender.

An Epistolary History of Carolee Schneemann and Her Circle

Dear Bill, Just finished a wonderful book, Carolee Schneemann’s collected letters, with correspondence to and from, which is very nice, endlessly preferable to the single-side such books often give you.

JAMES CASTLE: Show and Store

I can’t remember being as excited by an art book as I was by James Castle: Show and Store. The reproductions are gorgeous, and the work catalogued within—from a show of Castle’s work at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Spain—is eminently inspiring and moving.


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