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At the Rose Theater last August, where again Mark Morris was part of Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival, I saw a dance for the first time; a dance for the second time; and a dance for the third time. Together, they painted a portrait of the artist both overarching and magisterial, if in his particular thumb-your-nose version of magisteriality.

2 KILOS OF SEA (After Deganit Shemy)

Christine Hou is a poet and arts writer living in Brooklyn.

Increasingly More Movements For L.

I understand why the person next to me drooled all over his shirt, nodding off like so many in the audience. More Mouvements für Lachenmann wasn’t exactly entertaining. It required a certain amount of austerity on the part of the viewer—while prompting a few embarrassing attempts at physical showmanship by its performers.


Audience. Performer. One can’t exist without the other. Why, then, the stubborn boundary between the two?

A Review of "Traces" (in comic strip form)

A creation of the Montreal-based circus company The Seven Fingers, "Traces" was a heartracing and throughly entertaining evening filled with youthful charm and some serious acrobatic skills.


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OCT 2011

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