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When Parents are Upstate...

“I’d like there to be a Children of Promise in every community with high incarceration rates,” Sharon Content says. “Parents constantly tell us how appreciative they are that we respect the parent-child relationship despite the fact that an adult is in jail.”

REPORT CARD: The Great Technology Scam

Describing her tour of the Community Partnership Charter School (CPCS) in Clinton Hill, one Brooklyn mom was amped. She didn’t have much to say about the curriculum or the school culture: the school’s primary appeal was the stuff.

In Conversation


The Brooklyn-based filmmaking duo of Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky (whose previous films include Horns & Halos) began documenting the Atlantic Yards controversy right when the project was first announced nearly eight years ago.

Five Boroughs Ladies Arm Wrestling is Born on a Stage

With a switchboard hanging from her crotch, Momatron the Robot Mom, rushes onto the stage, flocked by the three silver-faced Martians of her entourage. She brought cookies. Elation frozen on her face, Momatron pulls cookies from her bulky white tin, and hands them one by one to the three celebrity judges

Gil Scott-Heron Remembered

One way to look at Gil Scott-Heron’s passing in late May is that we were lucky to have him around for 62 years. An even better way to understand him is through his own words. In our November 2007 issue, we were fortunate to run Don Geesling’s conversation with the poet and musician.


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