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Where Did Uptown Go?

You been to Harlem lately? Yo, son, uptown is upside down! I know things change, but this is crazy.

My Years With Guns

The gun “issue” is woven with the strands of American history. It is also made from politics, culture, identity, passion, power, and, of course, fear.

Art In Conversation


Shortly before the opening of his exhibition, Louder Milk at Pierogi (April 8 – May 8, 2011), Tom Burckhardt invited ARTSEEN Editor John Yau to his studio to discuss his new work.

Art In Conversation

ROBERT WHITMAN with Joan Waltemath

Robert Whitman, whose new work, Passport, will be performed April 16 – 17 at Dia:Beacon and Montclair State University, N.J., speaks with Rail Editor-at-Large Joan Waltemath at Mimi Gross's TriBeCa loft.

Art In Conversation


Just a few days after the opening reception of her new exhibit The Estate of Rochelle F. at On Stellar Rays (March 27 – May 1, 2011), the artist Rochelle Feinstein paid a visit to the Rail’s headquarters to talk with publisher Phong Bui about her life and work.

Art In Conversation

JUAN USLÉ with John Yau

This interview was conducted via e-mail in Spanish. It began after a series of conversations, in which Juan Uslé and I decided that this would allow him to feel most at ease in language.

Sonics in the Wildernesses—A Justification

Heavy-laden with electromagnetic clamps and batteries, I am often interrupted by suspicious passersby during my acoustical experiments in tunnels, industrial estates, and multi-story car parks.

Varieties of Documentary

On Saturday, March 26, at UnionDocs in Williamsburg, critic and scholar Fred Camper presented a program of films that play with the idea of documentary production, method, and meaning. Below is Camper’s expanded thesis on the program, written exclusively for this publication.

Dance In Conversation

THOMAS LEHMEN with Claudia La Rocco

During her recent artist residency at Arizona State University, Claudia La Rocco interviewed the German choreographer Thomas Lehmen, who is a clinical professor in the School of Dance. They spoke in his garden in Tempe, Arizona.

Crown of Thorns

When Tobin was eight, he fell in love with his babysitter Aganetha, the awkward one with the large, damp eyes, floppy, uncontrollable bosoms and a soot-coloured hair-wing she kept pulled down over her face to hide her acne.

Editor's Message From The Editor

On Trump and "The Blacks"

Donald Trump’s recent claim that “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks” has rightly earned him much ridicule, mostly for his anachronistic, and condescending, choice of terms. Yet few critics seem to be asking whether the statement itself is true.

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