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Snow two feet deep in the garden. Tree branches sporting cartoonish thick curvy white pillows like snow scene in Balanchine Nutcracker.8:59 AM Jan 27th

De Keersmaeker at MoMA: thrilling, and a reminder that in a museum context, dance signifies differently. 7:16 PM Jan 23rd

Back from great NYCB program: Walpurgisnacht (Whelan unexpec sensual), Dances (Mearns, De Luz divine), DSCH (ditto Mearns, bravo to corps).12:21 AM Jan 22nd

Just back from Jan Fabre’s new Prometheus at @peakperfs. A few adjectives heard afterwards: maximalist, unflinching, tough. Review tom.10:56 PM Jan 20th

Back from Paris after 6-hour Eurostar trip due to weather. Worth it to see Bausch’s Sacre, just as magnificent as I remembered.2:44 PM Dec 19th, 2010 via web

RB Cinderella tnight w Choe & Polunin didn’t disappoint. Had forgotten jester role, 2nd scourge of dance (dramaturgs 1st). Kura good though.7:46 PM Dec 17th, 2010

Some nice choreog in ENB Nutcracker, but very odd plot decisions, and even odder Arabian dance with whips and muddled homo/hetero erotics.7:42 PM Dec 17th, 2010

Spotted on subway earlier: amNew York with Ringer on the cover. Headline: “Sugar Plump Fairy?” Will this run through Xmas? Will Oprah call?9:59 AM Dec 14th, 2010

Back from Five First Ladies of Dance at NJPAC. 3rd show this week in which audience has been instructed to greet one another. What’s going on?6:39 PM Dec 12th, 2010

Alagna sings marvellously in Don Carlo, but minimal acting (anguish, slightly more anguish). Simon Keenlyside wonderful on both fronts.12:18 AM Dec 12th, 2010

My article on Long Zou, aka Nina Enimenimynimova (or as we say at the NYT, EE-nee-MEE-nee-MIN-i-MOH-va).12:03 AM Dec 10th, 2010

Noord Nederlandse review: manic gazes, maddened swans, alter egos. Bourne meets Black Swan with unfortunate results.  8:01 PM Dec 6th, 2010

Ailey opening gala last night: speeches, speeches, amazing prowess in Battle’s Hunt, no revelations from Revelations, but real ardour.12:32 PM Dec 2nd, 2010

Pilgrimage to New Jersey to see ABT. Ratmansky’s Seven Sonatas lyrical, allusive, witty. Gomes, Boylston, and Simkin sensational in Millepied. November 21, 2010 12:48:26 AM EST

Julian Barnett strives for transcendence, shows us the hard slog.  12:21 PM Nov 20th, 2010

Jonah Bokaer’s new Anchises: poetic, rigorous, ruthlessly spare.  10:00 PM Nov 18th, 2010

Rambert on quick London stopover. In turn: coyly artful whimsy, dramatic impasse, overlong crowd-pleaser; dancers excellent.7:01 PM Nov 11th, 2010. 



Roslyn Sulcas

ROSLYN SULCAS writes about dance for the New York Times and spends a lot of time on Twitter. You can follow her @rsulcas.


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